The Nature Photography Contest 2024

The Nature Photography Contest 2024


All day
€10 / photo
€1000 Winner / €100 Category Winner


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Do you want to share the wonders of our planet and contribute to its protection? Then don’t miss the opportunity to participate in The Nature Photography Contest 2024, an international competition for both professionals and amateurs.

The Nature Photography Contest 2024 features 10 categories for you to submit your best images of natural landscapes, wildlife, macrophotography, and more. This is your chance to gain recognition and win fantastic prizes. The winner of the best photograph of the year will receive €1000, the winner of each category will receive €100, and the best photographer of the year will receive a prestigious trophy. Additionally, for each participant, a tree will be planted in the country chosen by the winner, symbolizing our commitment to environmental conservation.

The jury comprises three renowned nature photographers: Luke Stackpoole, Cynthia Bandurek, and Mario Cea. They will evaluate the technical, artistic, and emotional quality of the photographs, ensuring that only the best images receive the awards. Their expertise and passion for nature photography make them the perfect judges for this competition.

The deadline to participate is November 15, 2024. Show your talent and help protect nature! By participating, you not only have the chance to win incredible prizes but also contribute to raising awareness about the importance of preserving our planet.

Nature photography is a powerful tool to inspire action and appreciation for the natural world. This international photography contest offers a unique platform for photographers of all levels to showcase their work and share their vision of nature’s beauty. Whether you are passionate about capturing stunning landscapes, elusive wildlife, or intricate macro shots, this contest is your opportunity to shine.

The Nature Photography Contest 2024 is more than just a competition; it is a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to the art of photography and the protection of our environment. By joining this contest, you become part of a global movement to celebrate and preserve the natural world. So, grab your camera, head into the wild, and capture those breathtaking moments that highlight the wonders of nature.

Participate today, showcase your stunning images, and become The Nature Photographer of the Year 2024. Together, we can make a difference and inspire others to take care of our precious planet. Don’t miss this chance to make your mark in the world of nature photography and contribute to a cause that truly matters.

The Nature Photography Contest 2024 prizes

Winning The Nature Photography Contest 2024 not only brings financial rewards but also offers significant recognition within the global photography community. Here are the prizes in detail:

  • Photography of the Year: €1000
  • Category Winners: €100 each
  • Photographer of the Year Award: Trophy + Select the continent on which a tree will be planted for each contest participant

These prizes highlight the importance of the contest and offer a meaningful incentive for photographers to participate. The act of planting a tree for every participant further underscores the contest’s commitment to environmental conservation.

The categories of The Nature Photography Contest 2024

The Nature Photography Contest features 10 diverse categories, allowing photographers to explore and capture the beauty of nature from various perspectives. Whether you’re passionate about landscapes, wildlife, or the intricate details of macro shots, there’s a category for you. Each category encourages unique artistic expressions and contributes to a comprehensive portrayal of nature’s splendor:

  • Natural landscapes

  • Wildlife

  • Macrophotography

  • Underwater

  • Birds

  • Plant life

  • Night world

  • Environmental impact

  • Sharing the planet

  • Funny nature

Each category is an opportunity to discover the greatest and most fantastic places on our planet or the smallest inhabitants of it. An occasion to show all those incredible reasons why we should care about this place and even put a face to those acts that destroy it.

Submission deadlines and entry fees

Participating is very simple. As in many other photography contests, participants must register on the competition’s website and submit their photos by the deadline:

  • Contest Opens: May 15, 2024
  • Deadline: November 15, 2024
  • Winners Announcement: August 28, 2024

Entry fee is €10 per photograph.


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