International Travel Photo Award 2024 (INTA)

International Travel Photo Award 2024 (INTA)


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The International Travel Photo Award 2024 (INTA) is now open for submissions. This international contest celebrates the artistry and storytelling behind travel photography.

Explore five captivating themes in this International Travel Photo Award 2024: Smart Phone Photos, Sea and Ocean, Mountains and Nature, Portrait and People, and Street and Celebration. Each category offers a unique canvas for your creativity.

The esteemed jury will award 15 Medals and recognize 50 Honorable Mentions. Selected photos will be exhibited in Malaga, and one lucky winner will receive their dream holiday for 2025.

To participate in the International Travel Photo Award 2024 you must submit your images before September 30, 2024. Please note that there is an entry fee of 12€ per theme or category to participate in these photo awards.

An independent General Jury, a specially selected group of professionals, is tasked with the responsibility of choosing the winners in the INTA PhotoAward competition. This jury is composed of a diverse and distinguished panel, including the INTA jury chair and three additional members who are chosen for their unique backgrounds and expertise. These individuals are carefully selected to ensure that their combined knowledge and experience spans across all categories of the International Travel Photo Award 2024. This structure allows for a comprehensive and fair evaluation of each entry, as each juror brings a unique perspective and understanding to the table. The General Jury’s role is pivotal in the selection process, as they carefully review and consider each submission before making their final decision. Their expertise and impartiality ensure that the winners of the INTA PhotoAward are truly deserving of recognition.

The International Travel Photo Award 2024 prizes

The prestigious jury of the International Travel Photo Award 2024, composed of experts from various fields, will select the winners. Here’s what’s at stake:

  • 15 Medals: Awarded to outstanding photographers.
  • 50 Honorable Mentions: Recognition of exceptional work.
  • Exhibition: Selected photographs and collections will be exhibited in Malaga.
  • Win your dream vacation 2025: Imagine capturing your next adventure with the prize of your dreams.

The categories of the INTA (International Travel) Photo Award 2024

The INTA Photo Awards feature several captivating themes:

  • Smart Phone Photos: Capture the essence of your travels using your smartphone.
  • Sea and Ocean: From tranquil coastlines to tempestuous waves, explore the beauty of water.
  • Mountains and Nature: Frame breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders.
  • Portrait and People: Tell compelling stories through captivating portraits.
  • Street and Celebration: Document the vibrancy of street life and festive moments.

Submission deadlines and entry fees

Check here for key dates to enter the International Travel Photo Award 2024 and the entry fees associated with the competition.

  • Submission Deadline: September 30, 2024.
  • Registration Fee: €12 for each category.
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