Sony World Photography Awards 2025

Sony World Photography Awards 2025


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The Sony World Photography Awards 2025, organized by the World Photography Organisation, is a prestigious global photography competition that elevates the careers of photographers to the next level. Since its inception, the Awards have championed inclusivity and access by being free to enter, providing a platform for both amateur and professional photographers worldwide. Let’s delve into the exciting details of this remarkable contest.

Offering a glimpse into contemporary photography, the Sony World Photography Awards 2025 showcase the diverse stories captured by talented photographers. Unprecedented in scope, the awards highlight visual narratives that reflect our times, spanning a wide range of genres and subjects.

Participation in this, one of the best photo contests in the world, begins on Saturday, June 1, 2024. The different phases will be closed between January 3 and 10. Except for the Student competition which closes on November 29th.

The Sony World Photography Awards 2025 come with $30,000 in cash prizes, as well as various photographic equipment that will surprise the participants.

These photography awards are presented with a wide selection of categories that will allow photographers to explore their talent and capabilities. Categories ranging from architecture photography to portrait to landscape or sports photography.

Participation is free, making it accessible to photographers of all backgrounds. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned professional, the Sony World Photography Awards 2025 provide a platform to showcase your talent and vision. So grab your camera, capture the world around you, and be part of this extraordinary celebration of photography!

The Sony World Photography Awards 2025 prizes

The Sony World Photography Awards 2025 offer impressive prizes to winners across various categories. These include:

  1. Cash Prizes: The overall Photographer of the Year receives a substantial cash prize of $25,000 (USD), while the Open Photographer of the Year is awarded $5,000 (USD).
  2. Digital Imaging Equipment: All category winners receive top-of-the-line Sony digital imaging equipment.
  3. Flights to London: Winners have the opportunity to attend the awards ceremony in London, with flights and accommodation covered.
  4. Trophy and Certificate: Recognition includes a trophy and an official certificate.
  5. Global Exposure: Winning images are featured in exhibitions, both physically and digitally, reaching a global audience.
  6. Inclusion in the Book: Selected works appear in the official Sony World Photography Awards book.
  7. Solo Exhibition: The Photographer of the Year is rewarded with a solo presentation of their work at the following year’s Sony World Photography Awards London exhibition.

The categories of the Sony World Photography Awards 2025

The Awards encompass a wide array of categories, allowing photographers to explore their creativity and expertise. Some of the diverse categories include:

  • Architecture & Design
  • Creative
  • Documentary Projects
  • Environment
  • Landscape
  • Perspectives
  • Portraiture
  • Wildlife & Nature
  • Still Life
  • Sport

Submission deadlines and entry fees

The Sony World Photography Awards 2025 features several distinct categories, each with its own submission deadline:

  • Open Competition: Submissions close on January 3, 2025, at 13:00 GMT. This category invites single images taken in 2024 and is open to anyone.
  • Youth Competition: The deadline for the Youth category is also January 3, 2025, at 13:00 GMT. Emerging talent under 19 years old can participate in this section.
  • Student Competition: Students worldwide have until November 29, 2024, at 13:00 GMT to submit their work.
  • Professional Competition: The Professional category celebrates outstanding bodies of work consisting of 5 to 10 images per category. The submission deadline is January 10, 2025, at 13:00 GMT.

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