Great Photo Awards 2024: Colorful World

Great Photo Awards 2024: Colorful World


All day
40€ per category (one free photo in each category)
More than €1250


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The Great Photo Awards 2024 are now open for entries, inviting photographers from around the globe to showcase their talent in capturing the vibrant and diverse world through color photography. This esteemed competition seeks to uncover and promote exceptional photographers who can convey the beauty and complexity of our world using the full spectrum of colors. Both amateur and professional photographers are encouraged to participate.

This year’s theme, “Colorful World,” emphasizes the importance of color in photography and its ability to evoke emotions, tell stories, and capture the essence of various subjects. The competition features five distinct categories: Landscape, Street, Still Life, Nature & Wildlife, and Creative. Each category allows photographers to explore different aspects of color photography, from natural scenes and urban environments to artistic compositions and wildlife moments.

The Great Photo Awards 2024 offer substantial prizes, including cash awards, publication opportunities, and exposure through exhibitions. Winners will receive cash prizes, certificates, and their work will be published. This exposure can significantly enhance the winners’ professional portfolios and open doors to new opportunities in the photography world.

Key dates for the Great Photo Awards 2024 include an early bird deadline on June 30, 2024, and a final submission deadline on July 21, 2024. Entry fees are budget-friendly, with a special rate for early bird submissions and multiple entry options to suit different budgets. These photo awards include the option to submit one free photo in each category.

The Great Photo Awards 2024 prizes

The prizes for the Great Photo Awards 2024 are designed to recognize and reward outstanding color photography. These awards not only offer financial rewards but also provide significant exposure to the winners, helping them gain recognition and further their careers.

Grand Award:

It will be announced soon.

Categories Awards:

250€ cash for the winner of each category.

Local Awards:

Local company gifts are determined by jury rankings. Those who have won first place in their Great Photo Awards 2024 categories are ineligible for local gifts.


A selection of photos will be published in Photographos magazine. Shortlisted photos will have the chance to be exhibited at a prominent venue (details to be disclosed at a later stage).

The 10 most voted photos by the committee in each category will receive honorable mention and will be uploaded to the virtual gallery.

The categories of the Great Photo Awards 2024

The Great Photo Awards 2024 include five categories, each focusing on different aspects of color photography. Participants can submit their work in the category that best fits their style and subject matter.

  • Landscape
  • Street
  • Still Life
  • Nature & Wildlife
  • Creative

Each category allows photographers to explore different dimensions of color photography and demonstrate their unique perspective.

Submission deadlines and entry fees

Check here for key dates to enter the Great Photo Awards 2024 and the entry fees associated with the competition.

Key Dates:

  • Early Bird entries: June.30.2024 
  • Closing Date: July.21.2024

Entry Fees:

  • Early Bird: 25€ per category
  • Standard: 40€ per category
  • Free Entry: One free photo in each category

For more information and to enter the competition, visit: